Why Tax Credits Can Be Better than a Cinnabon

Tax Credits Vs. Cinnabon


cinnamon-rolls-mmmm-1309001Just like the delicious taste of a freshly baked, cinnamon sprinkled, gooey glazed, melt- in -your- mouth Cinnabon puts a smile on your face, generating tax credits should too-but with a bigger smile and no calories.

At TRACS, we understand that one of the challenges of being a business owner or running a company is controlling fixed costs.  A major fixed cost for many businesses is taxes. Even though there is no way of stopping taxes from coming year after year, there are ways to offset those taxes and in some cases eliminate them through tax credits. Let’s take a look at how tax credits can benefit a company over a period of five years.  Click on the image for a closer view.

Tax credit image


Over a period of 5 years, this company has the potential to generate over $2.6M in tax credits.  In this situation, the only tax credit used was the Job Tax Credit, which means that this company has the opportunity to generate even more money from other tax credits.  While there may be a limit to the amount of Cinnabons that you can eat in one sitting, there’s no limit to the possibilities of generating, in some cases, millions of dollars in tax credits.

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