3 Simple Steps for Rocking Your Tax Credits


Step 1- Hire a professional Tax Credit Specialist

  • Hiring a professional Tax Specialist will guarantee that your company gets the maximum amount of tax credits that you deserve.  Many business owners think that their CPA or Controller should be able to generate tax credits, but most CPAs and Controllers do not deal with tax credits especially in job tax credits. CPAs do not have enough time to research and execute the complexities of generating tax credits.  Here is what one of our clients, Charles F. said, “Gathering the correct data and filling out and filing the proper forms in the right sequence can be a daunting task for accounting staffs already working at capacity.”  At TRACS, we focus solely on generating tax credits for businesses across all industries.

Step 2- Gather your Tax Documents from previous years

  • In some cases, tax credits can be applied to a company’s prior years of operation.  This is what one of our clients, Dave T., had to say, “In the time spent providing the necessary documents, it is definitely worth every penny in recapturing my previous years of taxes paid to the state, and more importantly saving on future years to come.”

Step 3- Create a Strategy for Using your Tax Credits

  • Since we’ve been in business, we’ve helped companies to offset hundreds of millions of dollars in tax liability.  When your company generates tax credits, be prepared to delegate those funds.  You can use the funds to hire more people, expand your business or make upgrades to your current office or manufacturing space.  After an assessment of your business, our tax credit specialists will be able to calculate exactly how many tax credits your company will generate and you can plan accordingly.

These three steps are an introduction of how you and your company can take advantage of tax credits.  If you’d like to learn more, schedule a free, no risk, no obligation consultation, give us a call today at 855-668-7227 or email us @ info@tracsgroup.com.  Follow us for tax credit tips on LinkedIn.

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