Tax Credits are the New Tax Credits

Tax Credits are Great for Businesses

Usually, when you hear someone say, “this is the new that,” it means that one thing has replaced the other with much better features or quality.  In this case, when we say that tax credits are the new tax credits, it means that there hasn’t been a better way to offset corporate income tax since tax credits were established.

By the way, tax credits for businesses are not a new concept.  In fact, they have been around for decades as incentives for business owners to boost local economies and provide jobs.  However, most business owners and C-Level executives are only recently becoming more aware of how these credits can benefit their businesses.

Take a look at an example of how Job Tax Credits could work for your business:

Job Tax Credits At Work

In this example, the company has the potential to earn over $1.2 million in tax credits within 5 years.  Many companies are leaving money that they deserve on the table.  At TRACS, we will walk you through the process and take care of all the complicated forms associated with generating tax credits.  Email us today at and let us help you offset your company’s tax liability.  What could your company do with an extra million dollars in tax credits?


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