The AFCI is Hosting its 40th Annual Cineposium in Atlanta

Georgia's Booming Film Industry

Billions of dollars earned from the film industry

Georgia’s Film Industry

Georgia’s film industry is booming.  It has quickly become one of the most popular places in the U.S. to film a movie.  Since 2012, the state has earned billions of dollars from the film industry.  This boom is  largely because of the generous film tax credits that the state allows.  The Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act (GEIIA) offers a flat tax credit of 20 percent of a production’s qualified spend in Georgia with another 10% if the production includes the Georgia logo in the credits.  It makes sense that in September, the Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI) will host its Cineposium Conference in Atlanta with a focus on building and maintaining a media/production business.

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The AFCI to Host 40th Annual Cineposium Conference in Atlanta, GA, one of the World’s Most Popular Destinations for Film Production


The Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI) today announced its initial program topics and opened registration for its 40th annual Cineposium conference slated for September 22 – 24, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia.
Building Your Business is the focus for this year’s event that will give attention to Infrastructure – How to Build It, Maintain It, and Manage Crew Development to Meet its Needs. Barnes & Thornburg, LLP and Oz Publishing, Inc. are the Atlanta hosts for 2016.
Cineposium is AFCI’s marquee annual event designed exclusively for film commissioners, the event provides an opportunity for directed education and training in addition to face-to-face access to industry leaders.  AFCI Members, TV and film executives, and production professionals from more than 30 countries attend the three-day summit each year.
The infrastructure focused program topics for Cineposium 2016 include:
  • Building Consensus
  • Building Facilities
  • Building Crew Base
  • Building a Network
  • Building Bridges
The AFCI will also present a Case Study on Senoia, Georgia, the suburban Atlanta town that serves as the on-location set for the AMC Network series, “The Walking Dead.”
Early registration opens today, June 1 through July 8, 2016.
Visit to additional information about and to register for the event.
“Many feature film and television productions turn to Atlanta to fulfill their production needs,” said AFCI Executive Director, Kevin Clark on why the organization chose this year’s conference location. “Many Marvel films are shot there, the studio production facilities are extremely successful in the market, and the city and State of Georgia has turned into an incredible hub in the last several years.”
The Georgia Entertainment Investment Act has helped Georgia’s production industry increase tenfold since 2008, thanks to a state tax credit of up to 30 percent for qualified productions.
Additionally, a recent Feature Film Study by Film L.A. Inc., an AFCI member reports that Georgia ranks fifth in the world behind California, New York, The United Kingdom and Canada in film production. The report also indicated the state’s lucrative incentive program as a draw for productions filming in the state resulting in an estimated $216.5 Million spent in the state in the 2014 findings.
“We will be showing off Georgia and its growing infrastructure which really puts the state on the map as far as production. This will be a great gathering to discuss the latest trends around the world in the film and television industry,” said Stephen Weizenecker, an entertainment attorney with the Atlanta office of Barnes & Thornburg, LLP who along with Tia Powell, president and publisher of Oz Publishing, Inc. submitted the winning pitch to AFCI bringing the globally rotating conference to Atlanta.


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