Tax Credits in Clayton County, Georgia

Clayton County

New Opportunities for all businesses in Clayton County

Every year, the state of Georgia calculates the economic success in each county.  This year, in an effort to encourage business owners to hire more employees and help boost the economy in Clayton County, the tax credit program has been extended to all businesses in Clayton County. That means that businesses from retail to manufacturing can take advantage of receiving $3,500 in tax credits per new hire.  If you are an S-Corp, the tax credits can be applied directly to the shareholder’s personal income tax returns and any credits left over can be applied to offsetting withholding taxes.  It’s a wonderful time to own a business in Clayton County.

Tax credits are very advantageous for business owners, however, generating tax credits is not an easy process for someone unfamiliar with the tax credit program. If you want to take advantage of tax credits, you need a tax credit specialist.  We have worked with several businesses in Clayton County and have helped them to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax credits. Call us at 855-668-7227 or send us an email for a free, no risk, no obligation consultation to find out how we can help your business generate tax credits.

The following article was originally published on February 14, 2017 on Clayton

Clayton businesses could benefit from tax credits

From Staff Reports    Feb 14, 2017

JONESBORO — Clayton County businesses could stand to save thousands by hiring new employees.

According to a press release from the Aerotropolis Community Improvement District, employers countywide, including those in the Aerotropolis, can qualify for up for $3,500 in savings for each new employee hired.

According to the release, a business in Clayton can qualify for the credit by adding at least two new full-time jobs that meet basic income and benefit qualifications. The tax credits will last five years.

“Any retailer, office, lodging or other standard commercial operations can apply for the tax credit,” said Courtney Pogue, Clayton County director of economic development, in the release. “Some metro counties only offer small segments of commercial corridors where these tax credits apply. Clayton has the opportunity to offer this incentive anywhere in the county.”

According to Pogue, employers are required to apply for the tax credits using a Georgia Department of Revenue form and filing at least 30 days before a tax return is submitted. The documentation has a review period for up to 120 days.

“We are encouraging all of our job creators to invest in our employment base sooner rather than later to ensure that they meet the qualification deadline,” Pogue said. “Our office is available to assist and advise businesses on how to find the proper documentation.”

These tax advantages are available to those in the Aerotropolis Community Improvement Districts, located in College Park and unincorporated Clayton County.

According to Gerald McDowell, executive director of the Aerotropolis CIDs, the tax credit could assist nearly 240 property owners targeted in the CID’s district expansion efforts. The district currently consists of 187 commercial property owners.

“The CIDs plan and deliver long-term infrastructure improvements supporting sustained economic growth, which will attract more business investment,” McDowell said. “The CIDs are excited for the prospect of dynamic business growth in Clayton County and throughout the entire Aerotropolis region.”