What We Have Are, “A Very Particular Set of Skills”

Business Tax Credits?

When it comes to tax credits, business tax credits seem to fall in the same category as mythical mysteries like Unicorns, Leprechauns, and Mermaids-everyone has heard about them, but no one has really experienced them.  Throughout our years of consulting and coaching, many business owners think tax credits are too good to be true until they understand the program.  Tax credits for businesses have been around for decades, but they are not advertised as often as personal income tax credits.

A Very Particular Set of Skills

One of the reasons business tax credits aren’t advertised as much is because of the amount of work and expertise necessary to generate tax credits.  In the words of Bryan Mills from the movie Taken, “a very particular set of skills,” are needed to generate tax credits-skills that only a tax credit specialist would have. This year, we’ve helped our clients generate millions of dollars in tax credits and we are confident that we can do the same for your business if your business meets the set of criteria established by the State of Georgia.

Does Your Business Qualify for Tax Credits?

If you have a for profit business in Clayton, County Georgia, then your business qualifies for 2017 Job Tax Credits. If you have a business that’s not in Clayton County, your business may still qualify if it’s in an Opportunity Zone, Military Zone, Less Developed Census Tract area, or a Tier 1 county.  We have a fast and easy system for finding out if your business is located in any one of these areas.  If you’re interested in generating tax credits for your business shoot us an email (info@tracsgroup.com) or give us a call (855-668-7227) for a free, no risk, no obligation 15 to 20 minute consultation.


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