Georgia’s Economy is Getting a Boost

Film Tax Credits in Georgia

Senoia, GA

It’s no secret that the state of Georgia is reaping amazing benefits due to film tax credits. According to the U.S. Travel Association and Tourism Economics, the State of Georgia’s tourism industry produced $61.1 billion in business sales from businesses that were directly and indirectly related to  the filming industry.  Film and television projects have helped new attractions like television and movie tours boost Georgia’s tourism to 34% since 2008.

Recently, a co-worker and I visited the town of Woodberry and got a sneak peak of  Alexandria on a Walking Dead Tour in Senoia, GA.  We experienced first hand how film tax credits are having a positive affect on Georgia’s economy.  The small town of Senoia was filled with tourists enjoying local shops and restaurants, all while soaking in the beautiful scenery most commonly known to them as Woodberry. There were people from Arizona, California, Puerto Rico, and a few Georgians -all joined together to relive some of their favorite moments from the show.


Why are so many production companies filming in Georgia?

According to, the film, television, and digital entertainment tax credit allows production companies up to 30% in savings.  Also, Georgia’s Entertainment Industry Investment Act allows production companies that spend at least $500,000 on a single project or multiple projects a 20% tax credit.  Plus, if the production company places the Georgia logo at the end of their film or television show, the state will give them another tax credit worth 10%.  Potentially, a production company can earn up to 60% in tax credits for filming in Georgia, which is great for Georgia’s economy.