Sutherland Foodservice’s 15th Annual Food Show

Tracs Group at Sutherland’s Annual Food Show on May 2, 2018

Sutherland’s Foodservice hosted its annual food show on May 2nd at the State Farmer’s Market in Forest Park. Throughout the exhibit hall, several vendors showcased their products that are supplied to grocery stores all over by Sutherland’s.

A few of the vendors that were present include Eggland’s Best, Smithfield, Cohen Food Service, Unilever Food Solutions, Revere Meat and Suncup Juice. Each vendor provided delicious samples for all to taste.

Sutherland’s is a Georgia-based, family owned and family operated foodservice distributor. Tracs Group has come to know their family very well through tax credit work. Every year, Tracs identifies and generates different tax credits and incentives for Sutherland’s operation.

The company was founded in 1947 by Andrew Sutherland with Kroger Co. as its first customer. Formerly known as Sutherland’s Eggs, the company was passed down to James Eugene (Gene) Sutherland Sr. in the 1970s and renamed as Sutherland’s Foodservice.

Gene Sutherland, Sr. appointed his son, Gene Sutherland Jr., as president of the company in the 2000’s, marking the start of the third generation of ownership. Gene Sutherland Sr., now in his nineties, made a special appearance at this year’s food show.

The Sutherland family is very active in the business community and the local Clayton County Chamber of Commerce. Tracs also had the pleasure of running into Clayton Chamber’s president, Jeremy Stratton, at the show.

From left to right, Ashley Lipinski (Tracs Administrative Assistant), Marc Josselson (Tracs Business Consultant), Amber Spradley (Tracs Executive Assistant) and Jeremy Stratton (Clayton Chamber President)

Tracs Group is also an active member of the Clayton County Chamber of Commerce. The reason the team is able to save Sutherland’s so much money on their taxes is because the entire county of Clayton was designated by the state as an incentivized zone a couple years ago.

Any type of business in Clayton County is qualified for $17,500 in tax credit for every qualified W-2, full-time employee.

We invite you to join us for a free lunch and an informational lesson on the Clayton County tax incentives at the Clayton County Chamber of Commerce on June 12.

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