Business Owners

Working with TRACS

Congratulations for being a new owner! And if you are a long time business owner, congratulations, as well, for having such success with your business! As your business continues to grow, you, as a business owner, will need help, whether if it is hiring new employees or contracting a third party service/company to help you do other departmental tasks.

At TRACS Group, we foster, encourage, and promote the growth and the success of your company. However, success comes with liabilities. As a tax rebate and credit firm, we help you lower those liabilities, like corporate income taxes and withholding taxes from the State of Georgia.

In Georgia, there are designated zones in which you can take advantage of those benefits! Check out 2017 Georgia’s Tax Credit Map! 

We promote medium to big businesses because not only do they have a greater success rate, but especially because they have fifty or more employees that can generate enough credits to offset their withholding taxes.

Check out the resources that we have for you: