The Port Activity Tax Credit

What are the Qualifications for the Port Activity Tax Credit?

The Port Activity Tax Credit is available for businesses or the headquarters of businesses in the following industries:

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Warehousing and Distribution
  3. Processing
  4. Telecommunications
  5. Broadcasting
  6. Tourism
  7. Research and Development

In order to qualify for the tax credit, these businesses have to increase shipments by more than 10% over their base year port traffic or by more than 10% over 75 net tons out of Georgia’s ports over a one year period.  This tax credit yields$1,250 per job with an investment tax credit of 5% or an optional investment tax credit of 10%.  Companies can take advantage of both tax credits if 400 or more new jobs are created and at least $20 million is invested in facility expansion or new facilities.