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If you have more questions about how tax credits work or if you want to know if your business is in the opportunity zone, we have the right resources for you.   There are several maps of opportunity zones in Georgia.  We have provided a few of those maps for you below.  If you or your client has a business in Clayton County, we have also provided examples of how job tax credits work.  We invite you to dive in and use these resources.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of our tax credit specialists and we’ll be happy to answer you.

Opportunity Zones in Georgia

  1. SmyrnaOZ
  2. Mariettazone3OZc (1)
  3. Mariettazone2OZc (1)
  4. Mariettazone1OZ_Amended (1)
  5. SandySpringsOZ
  6. RoswellOZ
  7. Atlanta_downtown_OZ

Job Tax Credits for Clayton County (5) (1)