5 Reasons to Use Tax Credits to Save Your Client’s Money


Saving more money for your clients can be as simple as an address check. If your client is in an incentive zone in the state of Georgia, they can save as much as $4,000 per qualied employee per year for the next 5 years.


Reason 1: We Are Specialists

Tracs Group is not an accounting firm.
We do not do what CPAs do.
We are the Tax Rebate And Credit Specialists.

Reason 2: Focus On Most Beneficial

There are over 90 federal and state tax credits available.
Tracs Group focuses on the most beneficial tax credits.



Reason 3: Save Time & Money

Time is money and we believe that Clients and their CPAs should not pay us
anything unless they benefit from the work we provide, that’s why we work on
contingency fee basis, no retainers or hourly rates.

Reason 4: Minimal Work Load

We have over 20 years of expertise in tax credit work.
We have made the process easy for CPAs and Clients.
By doing all the heavy lifting, we are able to minimize the
work for our CPA friends and their Clients.


Reason 5: Results

Tax Credits reduces or completely eliminates income
tax liability and they are non-taxable. It is our mission
to work hand in hand with our CPA friends to achieve
this for their Clients.

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A few kind words from our CPA friends and Clients

“Generating the credits was a straightfoward process that led to significant tax savings. We were pleased with the way that they treated our mutual client and the way that they kept me informed throughout the process. Our mutual client was very satisfied with the amount of tax credits that were generated, the documentation they provided, and the professionalism of Tracs Group.”

- Jason Padden, CPA
Lawrence F. Tornetta, Ltd.

"Our firm had the good fortune of being introduced to the TracsGroup. They were very quickly able to identify tax credits that we had never realized. So far Tracs has identified two years of SIGNIFICANT (seriously) credits and for the same in years to come."