The Benefits of Partnering with TRACS

Let's partner together.

Partner with us.

At TRACS Group, we believe in partnerships and teamwork.  We know that you have your client’s best interest at hand and so do we.  Our goal in a partnership with you is to provide an added service for your firm and reduce or eliminate your client’s corporate income tax liability.  We are not a CPA firm.  We only focus on generating tax credits for businesses.  Over the years, we’ve built great relationships with CPAs and helped their clients generate hundreds of millions of dollars in tax credits.

Below are some of the benefits that you’ll reap when you partner with us:

  • We add another valuable service to your CPA firm.
  • We give you a competitive advantage.
  • We help create additional revenue for you.
  • We are accessible and dedicated to you and your clients.
  • We help increase your client’s revenue.
  • We significantly decrease your client’s state income tax liability.
  • Your clients are only billed when we generate the tax credits for them.
  • No upfront costs or monthly billing.


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