Lunch and Learn

Why a Lunch and Learn?


At TRACS Group, we believe in sharing a meal and our knowledge with friends and colleagues.   That’s one of the reasons why we started hosting Lunch and Learns.  We are tax credit specialists.  We help small business owners take advantage of state and federal tax credits to reduce or eliminate their corporate income tax liability.

Over the years, we’ve noticed that even though tax credits are available for business owners, less than 10% are actually taking advantage of them.  Over the years, we’ve learned that there are two main reasons why business owners don’t use tax credits:

1. They don’t know about tax credits.

2.  They know about tax credits, but they don’t know how to generate the tax credits.

A major part of our business is properly educating our clients and Lunch and Learns are a fun way for us to do that. At our Lunch and Learns, we gather together with local business owners, local CPAs, and local economic and business development offices for 30 minutes to discuss the benefits of tax credits over a delicious catered lunch on us while networking!

Check out the dates we have this year in 2018 and RSVP, or contact us today to schedule a Lunch and Learn for you and your organization.