Think Outside the Box: Grow Your Clients


Grow your client list by offering services your competitors don’t have.
Partnering with Tracs Group to offer your Clients the power of Tax Credits.

90+ federal and state tax credits

Job Tax Credit

• County Tier
• Opportunity Zones
• Less Developed Census Tracts
• Military Zones



• Quality Job Tax Credit
• Port Activity Tax Credit
• Retraining Tax Credit
• Work Opportunity Tax Credit

And Much More

Added value service to your firm

1. Identify and qualify your Client for all eligible tax credits
2. Obtain tax credit certificates and vouchers
3. Generate the most tax credits
4. Work with your CPA to apply tax credits to your tax returns
5. Get your company the most tax savings possible


Key Benefits
• Reduce tax liability
• Earn up to $20,000/employee in GA state tax credits
• Earn up to $9,400/employee in Federal tax credits
• Use tax credits for up to 10 years
• No up front fees, your Client does not pay, unless they save

Let our specialists do all the heavy lifting

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A few kind words from our CPA friends and Clients

“Generating the credits was a straightfoward process that led to significant tax savings. We were pleased with the way that they treated our mutual client and the way that they kept me informed throughout the process. Our mutual client was very satisfied with the amount of tax credits that were generated, the documentation they provided, and the professionalism of Tracs Group.”

- Jason Padden, CPA
Lawrence F. Tornetta, Ltd.

"Our firm had the good fortune of being introduced to the TracsGroup. They were very quickly able to identify tax credits that we had never realized. So far Tracs has identified two years of SIGNIFICANT (seriously) credits and for the same in years to come."