“I would like to thank Tracs Group, Inc. for their persistent efforts in assisting and providing us the help needed to take full advantage of the Opportunity Zone tax credits.  Tracs Group expertise in the Opportunity Zone is very accurate and above all was done in a professional and timely manner.” –Wade Ford


Working with and having Tracs Group service SPP Pumps in generating Georgia tax credits was more that we expected and was very helpful.  I would strongly encourage any business owner that qualifies within the Opportunity Zone to take full advantage of this program.” –SPP Pumps


Many companies are unaware they qualify for certain tax credits.  Tracs Group is aware of all of these credits and is able to quickly identify which credits a company can receive.  The fact that Tracs Group collects their fee after we obtain our tax credit makes their proposal risk free.” –CorMatrix


I highly recommend the services of Tracs Group.  They quickly recognized the tax credits that we were unaware of and the dedicated tax specialist assigned to our company worked diligently with our CPA and Payroll staff to ensure that we received the most tax credits available for our company.” –Central EMS/Priority Ambulance


“Our CPA met with Tracs Group and he strongly recommended that we use their services to further reduce our tax liability.  Tracs is highly recommended by us and our CPA.  They are professional, knowledgeable, and efficient.”Manning Brothers


“We have been missing out on tax credits for years.  We were aware of tax credits and the benefits of participating in the program, but we didn’t have the time or resources to pursue it.  Tracs Group made the tax credit process simple.  We connected our CPA with Marc, our Tax Credit Specialist at Tracs, and he did all the work for us.  I can confidently recommend Tracs to any business that is serious about minimizing their income tax liability and saving money.”Sutherland’s FoodService


“It was a simple process.  Tracs did all of the work for us.  They worked with our CPA to generate tax credits that were available to us.  I am very happy with the amount of tax credits that we are expecting and I look forward to working with Tracs in the years to come.” -Harley-Davidson


“Our firm had the good fortune of being introduced to the Tracs Group, a tax rebate and credit specialist company.  They were able to very quickly identify tax credits that we had never realized.  Although we have been successful obtaining retraining credits, we’ve never gone much further in the process. So far, Tracs has identified two years of significant credits and look for the same in years to come.” -Drew Eckl & Farnham, LLP